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Iowa was the best place to be raised and educated. I am a bit biased, but oh it was great. Growing up surrounded by farmland and seeing the patterns in the earth while driving country roads is just one example of something I recall appreciating from a very young age. Also, having a mom who pointed out all things beautiful when we were out and about really helped me to instill that as a "norm" for myself. Always seeing the beauty around me was something that has become engrained in me...it has become a passion and now a career. I love incorporating organic lines into my projects, creating a whimsical aesthetic.

I capture moments in nature, shadows, details and typography in the city that inspires me for future projects.

I am a lover of nature but also of bright skylines and bold shapes. I am someone who loves typography that others have labored over to make perfect for my needs, but also someone who is even more in love with handwriting. Organic lines and marks are something no one else can copy, they are personal.

As I have embraced living in the Bold North  for the last five years, I have learned many new things about winter sports, met lots of neat designers through AIGA MN and design camp, and maybe most exciting of all - I met my husband.

We've found a quaint spot to dwell in South Minneapolis. 

When I am not enjoying the outdoors or exploring urban life, you can find me in my cozy duplex creating with a latte or having fun redecorating with all my treasures!